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Babyboomers, enjoy your life while you can!

My mom passed away in a nursing home in Colorado on Oct 13, 2008. I miss her dearly. My moms story is like most on this website and I just want to say that this torture and neglect is going to continue until the corporate greed is halted. In order to hold these corporations responsible for hiring undertrained and underpaid caregivers in understaffed Nursing Facilities we as middle class people have to come up with the money to seek legal help. Unfortunately in my experience even when an attorney says “contingency” you still will have expenses. The rich don’t have their loved ones in these hell holes so don’t experience these acts. If they did they could afford to bring justice. It is a no win situation. I want to say the aides that cared for my mom were incredible but how can one or two aides care for 35 plus people with dignity and completeness? They can’t. Shame on these Corporations.


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