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I think the respect that elders get in nursing homes is a sad reflection on our country. There is no respect for anyone anymore.
Who cares that someone 85-90 or older lays in bed with no water, dirty clothes, no attention, no affection for hours and hours at a time. The little attention they are given is someone shoving food down them as fast as they possibly can because they are short of staff and too many elderly that need to be fed.
No one to do dental care – that takes too long.
No one to fix their hair – that takes too long.
Barely time to throw a little water over them in the shower, sometimes cold water, and no time to rinse them well. And the administration of Nursing Homes has the nerve to say they are well staffed. The nursing home where my father just passed away in and my mother still remains, had a total of 2 CNA’S for a third shift to take care of over 70 patients. No Nurses. Is that sufficient care? Even when they are well staffed by their standards, the care of the people is so substandard, we treat our pets much better than these people get. I guarantee you can go into any kennel in Kentucky and find the animals getting more attention and care than our loved ones get in a nursing home. What a sad world we live in when an Administration can go home and sleep at night knowing the patients are not being cared for sufficiently. They really need to put themselves in the patients place and see if then they would feel they get satisfactory care.

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