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Index to Oil Painting
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Page 1
"How Much Detail Should I Put In?" - Phil Starke
"Plein Air Painting - Mixing Color - Phil Starke
"Landscape Painting in May" - Richard Schmid
"Difficult Color Issues in a Landscape" - Phil Starke
"Online Art Lesson Critique" - Phil Starke
"Reflections on a Pond" - Kevin Macpherson
"Visual Music & Poetry Overview" - Barry John Raybould

Page 2
"Solitary Profession" - Scott Christensen
"Overview" Painting Mountain Scenery - Kathryn Stats
"Not Far from Home" - Daniel Gerhartz
"How to paint Greens" - Gabor Svagrik

Page 3
Oil Painting Demo "Grazing Sheep" - Brent Jensen
Oil Painting Demo "Autumn in France" - Brent Jensen
"Painting with Impact" - David Curtis
"Teaching at the Tucson Art Academy" - Matt Smith
"Teaching at the Tucson Art Academy" - Kenn Backhaus

Page 4
"Photographing your Artwork" - Scott Burdick
Oil Painting Demo "The Dory" - Brent Jensen
Oil Painting Demonstration "Winter's Gold" - Stuart Roper
"A Way of Seeing" - Jim McVicker
"The Portrait Sketch" A DVD clip - Jeremy Lipking

Page 5
Plein Air Painting in New York City - James Gurney
Interview at the Tucson Art Academy - Ned Mueller
"Plein Air Value Demonstration" - Steve Doherty
Top Plein Air Painters Paint & Exhibit in CA - Steve Doherty
Andrew Lattimore "Plein Air Demo" - Narrated by Steve Doherty

Page 6
Albert Handell - "An Interview by Gabor Svagrik"
Plein Air Painting Demo "Autumn's Edge"
- Thomas Kegler
Oil Painting Demonstration "Amarante Bridge" - Brent Jensen
Thomas Kinkade and The Plein Air Tradition


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