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Oil Painting Masters of Today

Barry John Raybould

Barry John Raybould, MA. is an award-winning artist who has achieved an international reputation for his work that conveys the mood and atmosphere of natural landscapes and people using a contemporary fusion of impressionistic and expressionistic elements. A key characteristic of Raybould’s work is his integration of color, design and brushwork to convey a strong sense of mood and feeling.

Raybould is an artist member of the prestigious California Art Club. His work has won many top awards and has been featured in many museum exhibitions, as well as in numerous group and solo gallery exhibitions.

Propriano Sunset
Oil on linen - 8 x 10"

In addition, Barry is a respected writer and critic on art who has written extensive series of art instructional materials. He is a regular column writer for the International Artist Magazine on the principles of painting, and writes a regular master painting critique column for Plein Air Magazine.

Barry also shares his knowledge on painting. His Virtual Art Academy® art instruction materials have been enthusiastically received by artists and collectors from all over the world. It has been said that he has written the quintessential art instruction book, every bit as valuable as Carlson’s Guide To Landscape Painting - maybe even more so because it incorporates every aspect of painting. Many students have reported that it is by far the most highly structured and complete course on painting they have found on the internet.

Green Vase
Oil on board - 16 x 20"

Originally from England, Raybould lived in the United States for many years and painted in California where he was one of the Central Coast plein air artists known as the 'Informalists'. More recently he has been dividing his time between Europe and the Far East where he teaches regular workshops. He is currently involved in renovating an old farmhouse in the hills of northern Tuscany which is planned to be a center for the exchange of artistic ideas between North America, Europe, and the Far East relating to the renaissance in representational painting.

The Farmer, 2006
Oil on linen - 14 x 11"

Known for his subtle use of grays and expressive brushwork, he combines the elements of the art of both the Russian Impressionists and the Oriental Masters. He is currently working on an upcoming show planned for the famed 798 art district
in Beijing, China.

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