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Our Top Ten
Oil Painting Masters of Yesterday

Leonardo da Vinci
1452 - 1519

Da Vinci was an Italian painter.
Not only is he widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time but perhaps the most diversely talented person who has ever lived.


Ginevra de' Benci - 1474/1478
Oil on panel - National Gallery of Art - Washington D.C.


The Last Supper - 1498
Santa Maria delle Grazie - Milan, Italy


Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa - 1504
Musée du Louvre - Paris, France


da Vinci

Head of Christ - 1495
Musée des Beaux Arts Strasbourg - France


da Vinci

Madonna with a Flower - 1478
Hermitage - St. Petersburg, Russia

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List of Top Ten Oil Painting Masters of Yesterday