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Online Courses for Oil Painters

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University's School of Fine Art is internationally renowned. The program offers a painting school that encourages personal interpretation and exploration in numerous media while building technical expertise and professionalism.

The classes are taught by successful, practicing artists who inspire students' individual visions and nurture their technical mastery. The School of Fine Art has become an epicenter for both contemporary and traditional training in the development of fine artists.

The cost for online classes at the Academy of Art University is $2220 per Undergraduate Class, and $2520 per Graduate Class.

Starke Studio

The online video classes at Starke Studio are more like an art school than a general workshop because they are more in depth and goal oriented. The student has the advantage of working in their own studio, at their own pace without the expense of travel and lodging. The lessons cover all the aspects of painting and drawing that will help the student set and achieve their goals.

Each weekly lesson plan includes a 45 minute to 1 hour video demonstration for each lesson. These videos are painting demonstrations that address different techniques and subject matter, how to solve problems in your paintings, and how to design and compose your paintings well. The video lessons can be downloaded and saved to the student's computer. The weekly lessons also include suggested exercises to practice elements from the video demo, and personal downloadable video critiques of your artwork with direction for improvement. Critique submissions are sent in every Thursday for up to 3 paintings. Video critiques are returned to the student within a couple of days.

The monthly subscription cost to Starke Studio is $200.

Tucson Art Academy Online

For five years the Tucson Art Academy in Tucson, Arizona has been a place where artists come to improve their craft and master their technical challenges in traditional fine art workshops from some of the best nationally recognized artists. And now the Tucson Art Academy is doing this online.

These courses have set start dates which run four to six weeks. The courses are posted on their website. Each week you will access a video lesson from your instructor, along with an assignment which is due the following week.  Once you've uploaded your assignment, your instructor will record a personalized response video where you will hear and see your instructor paint and draw over your work while discussing your strengths, what needs improvement, and how he might have handled certain elements of the assignment differently.

Once a lesson has been activated, it remains open for the rest of the course. Once you hand in your final assignment, you will have until the end of the course to review all the video lessons again, take more notes, and ask questions. When the course finishes, your access to all video lessons will end, and your seat will be cleared for the next course participants. You will receive a copy of your personalized response videos which are yours to keep.

The Tucson Art Academy Online Courses are currently priced at $425.00.

  Virtual Art Academy

The Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program is the most comprehensive self-study program available for those wanting to learn how to paint. With this program of painting lessons you get a depth of information and knowledge on painting that you can only get at a major art school or
academy. The key idea behind the program is that to become proficient at painting, it is not enough to watch demonstrations of other artists or take the occasional painting course here and there without any formal structure. Problems and frustrations in your paintings are nearly always a result of a poor foundation. To fix these problems you need to steadily build your foundation in a more structured way. This new apprentice program does just that. Once you have built your foundation in this way, your paintings will automatically show major improvement.

The four-year course of study is broken down into sixteen workshops. Each workshop builds upon the skills you learned in the previous workshop. Once you have finished all the assignments in one workshop, you are ready to move on to the next workshop. You take each of these sixteen workshops sequentially. In this way you gradually and systematically build your foundation.

Since a key aspect of the program is its focus on the principles underlying all good paintings, it is suitable for every media, from oils and acrylics, to watercolors and pastels, and even photography.

Membership in the online campus is $20 per month.

For your monthly membership payment you get access to the Virtual Art Academy online campus, a members-only forum where you can upload your assignments, and discuss them with other students. Many students report that this is one of the most beneficial features of the program. You will also receive a new Workshop of 12 lessons every three months.

For more details, visit The Virtual Art Academy