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Artist of the Month - 2015

Tony Pro

January - Tony Pro

Sterling Edwards artmatch4U

February - Sterling Edwards

Eric Bowman on artmatch4U

March - Eric Bowman

Kami Mendlik

April - Kami Mendlik


Karen Blackwood artmatch4U.com

May - Karen Blackwood

Donna Zagotta

June - Donna Zagotta


Ellen Harney artmatch4U.com

July - Ellen Harney


Morgan Weistling artmatch4U

August - Morgan Weistling


John Lovett artmatch4U.com

September - John Lovett


Ted Nuttall

October - Ted Nuttall


Frank T. Gee artmatch4U.com

November - Frank T. Gee


Anna Bain artmatch4U.com

December - Anna Rose Bain

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