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Artist of the Month - December 2016
Kris Parins

Kris Parins on artmatch4U

Kris Parins

Kris is an internationally known artist, instructor, and juror. American Artist Watercolor and Watercolor Artist magazine covers have featured Kris’ paintings, and she has authored articles for those publications. Her work was selected for several editions of Splash: The Best of Watercolor.

Parins has earned signature status in the American Watercolor Society (AWS), National Watercolor Society (NWS), Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), and many other watercolor organizations.

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Breakfast with Tiffanys
29" x 21"
Watercolor on Paper

Delight in nature was instilled in Kris in her childhood, spent at the edge of a lake in northern Wisconsin. That same small lake now provides the view and inspiration from the windows of her summer studio. She also maintains a working studio in Sarasota, Florida.

After earning a degree in Related Art from the University of Wisconsin she worked in fibers for several years. A career as an Art Director in the advertising and design field led to an interest in illustration. Since 1998 Kris has directed her creative energy toward fine art. Her father and his brother were both watercolor painters so that was a natural direction to go; she’s never really strayed from that path. 

Kris Parins - artmatch4U

Parade Day
29" x 21"
Watercolor on Paper

While she paints a wide variety of subjects, from landscape to architecture, Kris utilizes the transparency of watercolor to capture the effect of strong sunlight, which is an ongoing theme in her paintings. She is best known for employing a technique of pouring liquefied paint to create her images, one layer at a time.

Kris' computer and camera are integral to her creative process. Frequent travels provide fresh input and continue to develop her way of seeing.

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June Tune
28" x 36"
Watercolor on Paper

Parins was one of 17 U.S. artists invited to participate in the first World Watercolor Exposition Thailand, (WWET) hosted by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture in Bangkok. Her paintings have been selected for the International Birds in Art Annual Exhibitions, and have been included in the American Watercolor Society Exhibitions at the Salmagundi Club in New York City.

Her award-winning artwork is in many private and public collections, including the Woodson Art Museum, the National Parks, Jack Richeson, the University of Wisconsin, and West Bend Insurance.


Parins artmatch4U

Morning Market
36" x 28"
Watercolor on Paper

"Through my art I strive to communicate my joy of experience, both of observation and of creation. When I succeed, the person who views one of my paintings will see a small part of the world in a new light.

I am not what you’d call a digital artist. But I am not a traditional watercolor painter, either. The difference is in the process I employ. While many artists use their digital cameras to capture images for inspiration and reference, I often take those images several steps further.

I take my own photographs and manipulate them on the computer. By exaggerating essentials and eliminating detail, I call attention to the ideas that interest me. It’s a way of claiming the images for myself, allowing me to go beyond the beginning photo and take off in another direction. The results are references that are more powerful, abstract, and personal than the original photos."


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Photographic Memory
28" x 36"
Watercolor on Paper

"While I am actually painting I make many of my choices intuitively. Preliminary planning sets my mind free to react to and enjoy the inevitable surprises that occur when working with watercolor.

I continue to love this medium because I am energized by the randomness and spontaneity it provides; the swirl of color mixing on the paper, creating its own nuanced atmosphere.

My subject matter is often inspired by travel or the forested landscape. A road trip can be as inspiring to me as a visit to an art museum. A common theme in my work is dramatic sunlight; for me, the high contrasts and flat areas of sunlit color reference the look of silk-screens, woodcuts and batiks. Borrowing from those traditions, I often employ a mask-and-pour process in creating a watercolor painting layer by layer."


Kris Parins on artmatch4U

Kris Parins teaching a workshop

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