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Artist of the Month - December 2014
Bridget Ertelt

Bridget Ertelt

Bridget Ertelt

Bridget Ertelt was born in 1984, and raised in the small northern Minnesota town of Hibbing.  Her dad is a big outdoorsman, so she was fortunate to spend a lot of time in nature with both the snowflakes and the mosquitoes.

 Bridget's mom always encouraged her sister and her to do art projects as children.  "We had access to all of the glitter, glue and paper that kids could ask for.  In high school I was very fortunate to have Marva Harms as my art teacher.  She is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society and had taken workshops from many of the modern masters.  She also participated in plein air events and had us painting outside as part of the curriculum when the weather allowed.  I was so fortunate to get such solid information from the beginning."

Ertelt artmatch4U

Sharon's Sunflowers
Oil on canvas
14" x 11"

But after college Bridget took a different route.  She went to school to become an R.N. "Throughout that process, I continued to take classes in painting as time allowed.  When I finished college, I moved to Minneapolis where I still currently live and work. This turned out to be a good decision because there are so many art opportunities here. And the first opportunity came along when I learned that Camille Przewodek was coming to Minnesota to teach a workshop in Stillwater at Kami Polzin’s studio. Taking that workshop was a major turning point for me. "

Ertelt artmatch4U

Spring Lilacs
Oil on canvas
11" x 14"

After the Przewodek workshop, Bridget believed she could pursue an art career more seriously.  "Camille had mentioned over and over the importance of putting in lots of hard work, and I knew I could put the time in. " At that workshop another door opened for Bridget.  She met several students from the Atelier in Minneapolis, an art school that offers classical training in realist painting with a focus on figures and portraiture.  "I am now in my fourth year of taking part-time evening classes there, and have recently enrolled in their part-time extended program.  I have always been intrigued by people, so my interest in painting figures seems natural.  It also reflects a career change I made a few years ago to move from a cardiology unit to an adult psychiatric unit.  

Bridget's goal for the coming year is to work more on portraiture.  Over the last few years she has taken workshops from Mary Pettis, Joe Paquet, Jennifer McChristian, Camille Przewodek and Kami Polzin.  

Ertelt artmatch4U

Tea Time
Oil on canvas
10" x 8"

Bridget is a member of Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, and the American Impressionist Society. She has participated in many local plein air competitions, and has been honored to receive a few awards. She was very excited to have her painting Spring Lilacs included in an article in the August 2014 issue of Plein Air Magazine.

"I am inspired by so many painters that I couldn’t begin to mention them all, but I will say I am itching to take a workshop from Susan Lyon. I am thankful for the continued mentorship from Marva Harms and Mary Pettis, and support from everyone who has believed in me. I think we've all heard how learning to paint is like learning a language. After all, you have to be able to write a sentence before you can write poetry.  My goal is to become fluent in this visual language because I have a strong feeling I have something important to say." 

Bridget Ertelt artmatch4U

Bridget Ertelt painting en plein air

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