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Artist of the Month - February 2013
Brent Jensen

Brent Jensen

Brent Jensen

Brent Jensen received his B.A. in Art from the University of Utah. He owned a successful architectural illustration company for 15 years. During that time, he began plein air oil painting. Gradually, Jensen’s career as an oil painter progressed so that in 2007, he became a full-time painter. His painting trips have included France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and Nova Scotia.

Brent Jensen

"Sailing Day"
Oil - 12" x 16"

Living in Northern California affords Jensen many plein air painting opportunities in the wine country and the Pacific coastline. He has driven across the United States twice, painting along the way. Having a special affinity to New England, he has enjoyed six painting trips to various New England states.

Jensen has had feature articles in the following magazines:  Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector. He is represented by Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, California; Tirage Gallery, Pasadena, California; New Masters Gallery, Carmel, California; and Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

Brent Jensen

"First Snowfall"
Oil - 16" x 20"

As a traditional Impressionist-style oil painter, Jensen strives to create museum-quality art. His painting technique uses a loose approach, limited palette, and objective perspective so that any two viewers are able to interpret one of his paintings differently. He believes a properly selected composition that is well-executed brings a lifetime of enjoyment to a collector.

Brent Jensen

"Les Gendarmes, Paris"
Oil - 30" x 40"

As a life-long student of the arts, Jensen often participates in workshops with renowned artists such as Kevin Macpherson, and mentor C. W. Mundy.  He conducts workshops himself, travels to art clubs for demonstrations, and has judged multiple art shows.

Brent Jensen

Brent Jensen painting with his Open Box M palette and panel holder.

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